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Why we started this website

Back in the days, whenever we encounter challenges or questions about a particular subject in our work, we normally search the web for answers. It wasn’t that easy! Main reason is we feel that most of those resource sites are not for us-Filipinos. We might have felt intimidated and shy to ask something, and when someone replies, it may not be that easy for us to understand the explanation which sometimes contains slang and colloquialisms.

With that, we thought of building a place for Filipino community to learn and share anything about the industry where all Filipinos and non-Filipinos are welcome to ask and contribute. Every article and post that you see on this site came from our fellow hardworking OFW Kababayans scattered around the globe who strive to do their best in giving value on every article. We are not experts or gurus. But we have the passion and drive to give and share things which is of value to our readers. We truly hope that you learn and benefit from what we are offering on this site.


What is our mission and what you, our readers, can expect from this site

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Our mission is to provide you with useful and informative contents that are relevant and helpful to your line of work and be more competitive globally. We will also be posting career opportunities and trainings / seminars from different organizations in the Philippines where you can benefit from. We have a vision of building an engaging online community of Filipino Oil and Gas professionals where anyone can share, help and discuss relevant topics with other kababayans. Whether you’re new or a seasoned professional, we will try our best to ensure you can get utmost value out of this site.

If you think you have something to share, please send an email to info@filipinooilandgas.com. It doesn’t need to be a complex article, even a simple lesson learned can be very valuable. You can send an article in English, or even in Tagalog if you wish, and we can transcribe it to English for everybody to see and learn from. We acknowledge every contributor of the site. A brief description of yourself and your experience will be published together with your article.


Who are we

This site is being developed and maintained by a team of Filipino engineers working from different parts of the world who aims to share technical knowledge to others and encourage the same from our community.

We do hope you enjoy your stay on this site and find it useful.

Thank you for taking the time reading this and we hope to see you online communicating and sharing with other Filipinos all over the world!

Salamat po!



The Filipino Oil and Gas Team

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