11 Non-Essentials In A Resume That Most Applicants Are Guilty Of

6 seconds... That is the average time a recruiter spends looking at your resume and deciding whether you are qualified or not for the role. This is based on a research done by Presumably, because recruiters get hundreds of applicants for a single job opening. During that short window, you have to catch their…read more

Get Noticed by Employers

    With the current state of the oil and gas industry where a lot of layoffs and redundancies have occurred, finding a job makes it even harder. Firstly, there were less job vacancies as projects have either been cancelled or moved to a later schedule. In short, few companies are hiring. Secondly, competition on…read more

Oil and Gas Production Basics (Part 4)

Crude oil, also known as petroleum, consists of a mixture of compounds called hydrocarbons. There are many useful materials that can be produced from it. To be able to do this, it needs to go to refineries for further refining and provide the defined range of products. These refineries normally uses a distillation column to…read more