This is the start.


Have you come across a specific instance where you have a technical query at the construction site, on design drawings, or during fabrication, that you need an answer and you are looking for someone with the same struggle whom you can discuss and share it to? You tried searching the web and forums only to find out that you don’t have someone to help you or you may feel intimidated and not connected with those “experts”?

You are not alone. We found ourselves (and probably some more out there) in that same situation numerous times…

That is the very reason why we started this community.

Filipino Oil and Gas is built with the mission to provide an online platform for every Filipino to share challenges / information and help fellow Kababayans in the process. This site will be a free information source about subjects related to the oil and gas industry. Our team is committed to empower and build this community by providing useful articles and references to everyone. As such, we would like to request your cooperation and help to make this a meaningful and worthwhile endeavor for all Filipinos.

Our countrymen have a vast resource of manpower in this industry working all around the world. We all just have to come together with a common goal which is to promote and help our Kababayans, which coincides with the purpose of this site. We’re sure there is someone out there reading this from the Philippines, Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, UK, Norway, USA, and Canada, to name a few. (If we miss anything, please let us know where you are thru your comments below)

Many reputable companies have hired and favored Filipinos for our hard work, quality of work, ethics, adaptability, and our cheerful work attitude, not to mention profitability to them. Many oil and gas companies have built satellite offices in our country which proves our capabilities to deliver high quality products and services to them.

On this site, we will try to discuss relevant topics together with Filipinos on every part of the globe to further promote our capabilities.

We have started some articles that you can read and comment about. We highly encourage everyone to participate by leaving a comment, should you find it helpful or valuable. If not, please let us know. This greatly helps us define whether we are providing you with useful content. Don’t get intimidated and start to participate. If you think about it, it won’t cost you anything if you ask something? But the best thing is that you’ll learn something by asking. So, if you’re new to this industry or a seasoned professional who wanted something to be discussed, please drop us an email. We welcome every query and would love to hear it from you. You can also read through the articles and learn a lot in the process. We (including us!) will all learn from this together.

Let’s start building this community together for the improvement of the Filipino workforce. Our Unity is our Strength!

We need to do it and we can do it! It might be quite a feat but it is possible.

This is the start… It’s about time!

adminThis is the start.
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