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With the current state of the oil and gas industry where a lot of layoffs and redundancies have occurred, finding a job makes it even harder. Firstly, there were less job vacancies as projects have either been cancelled or moved to a later schedule. In short, few companies are hiring. Secondly, competition on the remaining opportunities has becomes even more challenging.


The intention of this article, is to give some recommendations and suggestions on how one can improve his/her presence to standout and probably increase his/her chance to land a job.


  1. Be visible online. – With the continuous rise of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter especially LinkedIn, it has never been easier to gain visibility and connect with employers or headhunters. These organizations are scanning the internet to find new talents that demonstrates the skills that they requires. Leverage this opportunity and you can increase your chance of being noticed. You can do this by commenting on industry related articles or providing write-ups in LinkedIn or websites where you think the headhunters and employers are present. This builds a good starting impression for them to know more about your skills and experience, so make good use of it to your advantage.


  1. Build a robust and appealing CV – Employers received hundreds of CVs. Make a differentiating factor, be authentic. Be more creative with it. Probably every resume now are optimized to standout from the rest. Instead of listing all the usual project experience, try experimenting on putting the “highlight reels” of your career. Having a well thought CV that is as good as a skype interview also needs to be considered. Make it easy for the employer to grasp what you can offer in a concise, presentable manner.


  1. Network, connect and build relationship with other people in the industry – This is important. Having strong, reputable connections and receiving good recommendations from those people is big advantage. It can easily erase any doubts and prejudices that recruiter/employers may have. But then again, you need to build a good, genuine and authentic relationship within your peers. It can also lead to referrals. Referral candidates are 3-4 times more likely to be hired than non-referral candidates as reported.


The job search is an ever changing landscape. We need to stay informed of what’s happening and react accordingly. At the end of the day, you need to know how to best sell your skill sets and experience and brand yourself in front of these employers.


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