Pressure Vessel Thickness Calculation

In this article: - we will talk about how to derive the formulas of stresses for thin-walled pressure vessels - We will also look at the formulas for thick-walled pressure vessels - Afterwards, we will compare with the formulas in ASME VIII Div 1.   Thin-Walled Pressure Vessels In thermodynamics, we learned that pressure equals…read more

Pump Brake Power Calculation

In this article: we will discuss about how to derive the Bernoulli's Equation from the energy equations. we will also look at how the Bernoulli's Equation can be used to compute for the Total Dynamic Head, we will use the TDH to get the required pump brake power at a given pumping installation.    …read more

Basic Heat Exchanger Duty Calculation

In this article - We will look into the two types of flow in a heat exchanger. - We will also check the formula of LMTD. We will then compute for the heat exchanger duty. - Lastly, we will provide the assumptions in which the LMTD may be valid.     Parallel Flow (or Con-current)…read more